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To get frustrated and angry is human, and these emotions can quickly turn into defiance, disrespect, aggression, and temper tantrums if your child doesn’t know how to deal with his/her emotions. There are several ways to teach anger management to kids so that they can regain control over their tempers.

Anger is a normal, healthy emotion. But without appropriate anger management skills, kids struggle to express their feelings in an appropriate manner. Here are a few parenting tips:

A good role model
The best way to teach your child how to deal with anger is by showing him/her how you deal with your emotions when you feel angry. If your child watches you lose your temper, they are likely do the same. But, if he sees you cope with your feelings in a kinder, gentler way, they will pick up on that too.

Establish rules
Most families have family rules about what behavior is acceptable and what isn’t when it comes to anger. Some families don’t mind doors being slammed and voices being raised while other families may have less tolerance for such behaviors. So depending on what you feel is appropriate, set rules for how they are allowed to behave.

Healthy coping skills
Kids need to know how to deal with their emotions and these coping skills include taking three deep breaths to counting till ten before reacting on their emotions. You can also encourage your child to take up games like karate that allow a child to vent, while teaching concepts such as respect for the opponent.

Consequence to an action
Ensure that your child is aware of the punishments, when he/she misbehaves. These punishments need to allow your child to think about their actions and how it affects the family or another person.

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